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     How much do our children really know about growing money? What is the recipe for success? When can you start tasting the returns? What ingredients do you use to get started?

     Most children, as well as the average person, knows very little about the power of money. The Money Tree is an educational company that teaches people of all ages; and primarily children, how to plant their financial seed and grow money.

     THE MONEY TREE guides students down the right path to understanding money and its power. It directs them to first educate themselves on what money is, and how it can grow. It motivates our children to just get started and invest even one dollar. The future results can be staggering.

     THE MONEY TREE teaches our children the “Power of Money”.  We cover the necessary branches of making, spending, saving, and investing money in the early stages of life. This builds a portfolio that will grow a foundation throughout their lives and create financial wealth, financial security, and financial freedom, for years to come.

The More We Learn, The More We Earn...!